Product Review: Carman’s Goodness & Grains, Low Sugar Almond & Coconut Flakes

Breakfast cereals are a convenient way to start the day, but nutritionally they vary dramatically.

Recently this Carman’s Goodness & Grains, Low Sugar Almond & Coconut Flakes caught my eye and I was keen to test it out.

What is in it?
Bran flakes, oats, bran straws, sunflower seeds, almonds, coconut and sunflower oil.

How does it stack up nutritionally?
This cereal meets the selection criteria in our Shopping Companion for everything except fat, where it is slightly higher due to the seeds and nuts. It is 12% protein, providing you with nearly 6g protein per 45g (3/4 cup) serve. This 45g serve also provides an impressive 8.5g fibre and only 1.4g sugar.

What does it taste like?
If you like coconut, this cereal is for you. It is a little blander than some other cereals I have tried, but nothing that can’t be livened up with some yoghurt and a little fresh fruit.

Weight Loss Surgery Tip
Top this cereal with some high protein yoghurt and fresh fruit for a delicious, protein and fibre packed breakfast to set you up for the day.

Would I buy it again?

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Carman's Cereal

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