The Eating Rules of Engagement

“Do you eat your meals at the table?” seemed like a simple question, but it really prompted some fascinating and insightful discussion when asked in our Online Support group.

People were eating in their cars, at their work desk, in front of the TV and in bed (this one was more common than not!)

Don’t get us wrong, there are plenty of times it is completely fine to eat away from the table.

Breakfast in bed on Mother’s or Father’s Day.

A BBQ in front of the footy on grand final day.

But when this is happening more often than not, it’s difficult to tune in to your body cues.

Boundaries are merged and eating flows over into times not meant for eating. This can result in overeating and poor weight loss.

The following ‘rules of engagement’ can help:

  • Aim to always eat while sitting down, ideally at a table or bench.
  • Avoid grazing while standing up. For example, when preparing meals, passing through the kitchen, ducking into the staff room, etc.
  • Put anything you want to eat on a plate so you can see your portion. Avoid eating straight from packets, grazing from platters, nibbling at buffets, etc.
  • Have eating free zones in your home, such as the bedrooms, study and bathroom.
  • Set a time to signal it is time to stop eating for the day. This will vary from person to person but it helps limit the amount of mindless evening eating that happens so often.
  • Only snack if physically hungry and when snacking, apply the above ‘rules’.

Remember, aim for progress, not perfection!

If you need a little help progressing your eating toward more healthy habits, be sure to check out our Support Options.

Breakfast in Bed

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