Handy Apps for Weight Loss Surgery

With technology becoming more advanced, we are able to collect information and learn in various different ways. The resources we now have at our fingertips are incredible. To help you with your weight loss journey and through surgery, we have come across helpful apps that can assist and support you

Tracking Food Intake and/or Exercise

  • My Fitness Pal – This app is a great ‘all-rounder’ where you can record your daily food and exercise. It has the largest food database, and includes a ‘recipe importer’ feature. It can provide a breakdown of your macronutrient intake (carbs, protein and fat) as well as fibre, cholesterol, and vitamins. You can chart your progress and share it. This app also allows you to create your own exercises and workouts. You can connect this app with other various apps so that they’re linked.
  • Easy Diet Diary – Calorie counter and diet tracker. It has a great barcodes scanning feature and provides a breakdown of your protein, fat, saturated fat, carbohydrates, sugars, fibre, sodium, and calcium intake.
  • Apple Health – This holistic app incorporates four main categories including activity, sleep, mindfulness and nutrition. It helps with setting goals and meeting health targets.
  • Strava – Uses a GPS to track and diarise your walks/hikes/rides.
  • Food Switch – This app may help to choose the healthier option within the food category by simply scanning the food barcode.


Fluid Intake

  • WaterLogged – Waterlogged can help track and improve daily water intake. Works with Apple Health, Fitbit and more.
  • HydroCoach – For Android devices. This will help you calculate how much water you need, track what and how much you are drinking, and gently remind you when to drink.



  • Smiling Mind – Developed by educators and psychologists, it’s a modern meditation, a unique web and app-based program to help bring balance, and mindfulness to people’s lives. Mental and emotional health is just as important as physical health. This app helps you look after your mind.


Eating Technique and Behaviour

  • Eat Slowly – Perfect for people who eat too quickly. Eating too quickly can result in overeating, which can be quite painful and uncomfortable after surgery. This app helps you to slow down, enjoy the taste of your food, and support a healthy lifestyle.
  • Am I Hungry?® Virtual Coach – This is a powerful tool in determining if you are truly physically hungry. It helps you to avoid non hungry eating such eating in response to stress, boredom or out of habit. It encourages more mindful decisions so you feel in charge and don’t resort to ‘rules and restrictions’. It also guides you through the Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Cycle.
  • My Diet Coach – Helps you find your inner motivation, stay on track, make healthy lifestyle changes, resist food cravings, and avoid difficulties/barriers associated with weight loss.

We hope you find some handy apps here to help you on your weight loss surgery journey.

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