How to Select Cow’s Milk Alternatives

A good quality milk alternative should be a significant source of both protein and calcium. The issue with many milk alternatives is that they are low in both of these.

Some options can also have excess added sugars, so it is important to look out for this too. To help you choose the best option, the following selection criteria can be helpful.

When choosing cow’s milk alternatives, look for options that have

  • Greater than 3g protein per 100g
  • Less than 5g sugar per 100g
  • Added calcium.

Our top picks include:

  • All Mighty Bruce Future Milk
  • Australia’s Own, Unsweetened Like Milk
  • Coles Regular Soy Milk
  • Macro Organic Creamy Soy Milk
  • Sanitarium So Good High Protein Almond Milk
  • Sanitarium So Good Soy Milk
  • Vitasoy Almond & Protein Unsweetened Milk
  • Vitasoy Calci Plus Soy Milk
  • Vitasoy Soy Milky Soy Milk Regular
  • Vitasoy Soy Milky Soy Milk Lite Milk
  • Vitasoy Unsweetened Soy Milk Protein Plus
  • Woolworths Soy Milk.

This is not an exhaustive list, so check your favourite against the criteria we have listed above and see if it fits.

The above criteria is taken from our Weight Loss Surgery Shopping Companion. This comprehensive guide steps you through over 30 food categories and explains EXACTLY what to look for on the nutrition information panel in each category. And if you don’t have time to read the food labels, we list our TOP PICKS in each of the categories, highlighting over 180 specific products. Find out all about it here.

How to Select Cow's Milk Alternatives

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