We would like to invite you to our Nutrition For Weight Loss Surgery Inner Circle.

A place to learn, connect, be supported and succeed on your path to weight loss after surgery.

It is a place for you if you are feeling off track after your surgery.

If you are thinking, that you just don’t know how to get yourself motivated.

Or you are confused by all the overwhelm of nutritional options for you.

Because we know the decision that you have made to have weight loss surgery has already been a difficult one.

And sometimes with that decision, often comes the pressure of the expected success of finally achieving your weight loss goals.

We understand that often the people in your life, whilst they love you dearly, they may not always have the skills and knowledge to be able to support you on your journey forward.

And that is what we would like to offer you access to our Nutrition For Weight Loss Inner Circle for the very special price of $27 per month.

It is an opportunity to come into a place where you can learn what is the best way forward for you. You can connect with others that may be further along in their journey than you are and be supported by leading nutrition experts that help over 1300 people each year lose the weight they want after their weight loss surgery.

Because we also know that when you are feeling confident about what you need to do and you have the support you need, then you are in a much better place to make good choices and changes.

All of this can lead you to your very own path to success.

As part of you membership you will receive:

Access To Our Inner Circle Website

Get the trusted, reliable information you need to successfully navigate your weight loss surgery journey. Packed with expert video trainings, easy to follow downloads, members hints and tips, this will save you the countless hours of wondering what to do or worse still getting completely incorrect information that is dangerous to your health.

Our website is designed so you can dip in and out, to get the information you need at the time, or work through to really understanding life changing weight loss strategies, from the food to the mindset, we will cover it all for you.


Exclusive Inner Circle Facebook Group

Our secret Facebook Group is where you can ask your questions, get feedback from our experts and others on the journey, be supported and celebrate your wins. As leading Australian experts in nutrition after weight loss surgery, we help over 1,300 clients each year to achieve outstanding weight loss results, we encourage you to ask your questions of us so that we can all expand out knowledge together.

The group setting is ‘secret’, so that your Facebook friends cannot see you are a member or read your interactions. Our members love to lift each other as they climb to their success and we are so very proud of our supportive community.


You get support. You get understanding. You get love and you get a team of awesome people that will pick you up when you fall.


I’m a member of a few weight loss surgery groups – all can be quite helpful and supportive. However, I’ve noticed that many people have gone into this surgery without the proper support from professionals. In this group, we get all that is mentioned above, and that’s all so valuable to me, but even more: to have Sally & Justine’s EDUCATED opinions and research-based assistance is just sooooo important, when I see the ‘advice’ that is being flung around in these other Facebook groups. Any question we have is being answered within hours. Honestly, I wouldn’t be without this group!


Support. Answers. Encouragement. Understanding. Advice. Hugs. Belief in you without judgement.


Support From Others On The Journey!

We often hear that the decision to have weight loss surgery is a lonely one, as it is something that only you can really decide for yourself. But after the surgery, happily that can be another story! Our Inner Circle Program offers you the opportunity to connect with other people who know what you are going through, in a supportive and controlled environment. Make connections, build your self-esteem and be inspired by our community and become an inspiration to others.


I really like the support.. 24/7. No matter what time of day we have our questions, its ALWAYS acceptable to ask them. There is always support from the group. It seems most issues that crop up, have been experienced by others before, so we’re not alone…and if it is a weird kind of ‘out of left field’ question, I like having two amazing and extremely approachable dietitians just a text away & overseeing it all.


I cannot recommend joining this support group enough! I think it’s so important to have a support network after weight loss surgery. I joined four months post op and I haven’t bothered joining any other groups. I get all the advice, support, tips and ideas, encouragement and interactions I need from this membership! Being a member of this group has helped keep me on track, I’ve learnt a lot about weight loss surgery and related issues and I have the comfort of knowing Sally and Justine are only a message away. As I live in NSW it means I can tap into their professional expertise and advice in addition to my team.


Support, advice, encouragement, ideas and a place to vent when no one else could possibly understand.


So, we would like to invite you to work more closely with us, become part of a group of people that really want to achieve the dreams that they have and get support with education and professional nutritional advice.

Let’s get you on the path to weight loss after surgery, please take the opportunity to join us in the Nutrition For Weight Loss Surgery Inner Circle, for just only $27 per month, with no lock in contracts and in the unlikely event this isn’t the support you need, you can cancel anytime, no questions asked.

So take the opportunity now, join the Nutrition For Weight Loss Surgery Inner Circle, for just $27 per month.

Or if you wish to get a month free, join us for the year for only $297