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Inner Circle Online Support
As part of your Inner Circle Program, you have access to our Inner Circle Support Group (on Facebook).

Many people are concerned about privacy on Facebook, however the setting for the group is ‘secret’, meaning your Facebook friends cannot see you are a member and they cannot see your posts. Your posts are only seen by other group members.

Click here to read about the secret setting.

We also have members who do not want people contacting them via Facebook, hence use an alias. This is fine as long as we know the name you are using, so we can add you to the group.

As the group setting is secret, you can only be added to the Inner Circle group if we are friends on Facebook

Click here to request Sally as a friend on Facebook so that she can add you to the Inner Circle Facebook Support Group

The Fine Print
We have some basic terms of use for this program. Please check them out so we are all on the same page and you can get the most out of your membership.

Click here to download our Fine Print.

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