Managing Plateaus and Weight Regain

Weight loss surgery is a fabulous tool to help support significant weight loss, however it does not guarantee you will reach your goal weight, or make you immune to weight regain. How much weight you lose and more importantly, how much weight you keep off, will be affected by how much you focus on long-term lifestyle changes and work with your surgery.

From the outset it is important that you have realistic expectations of your weight loss and set a goal weight that is both achievable and maintainable. Whilst it can be appealing to think otherwise, this is often a weight that sits above your ‘healthy weight range’, which is based on a BMI (body mass index) chart.

We work with clients to set an adjusted ideal body weight and reassess this goal on a regular basis to reach a point where they:

  1. Feel good
  2. Improve their health and fitness parameters
  3. Can maintain their weight with a degree of ease.


Firstly, have a think about the goal you have set for yourself and if it is realistic for you.

Secondly, think about the areas of your lifestyle that have changed since you started to plateau, or regain weight.

The checklist below can be useful if your weight plateaus for more than one month and you haven’t reached your realistic goal, or when you start to experience a weight regain.

Click below to download the checklist and work through the list. Reflect on where you can make changes to get back on track with your weight loss.

Back on Track Checklist

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