Need to ‘Reset’?

It can be extremely disheartening not losing the weight you thought you would after weight loss surgery, or even regaining weight.

Unfortunately, evidence suggests that 15-25% of weight that has been lost can be regained.

Therefore, the natural thing to do is to search for answers and ideas of how to reduce weight further, or treat the weight regain, and a common conclusion is to ‘re-set’ your body.

This usually involves following a diet that can be quite restrictive, often reducing calories and/or carbohydrate. But long term, the body doesn’t like that! As soon as your brain thinks you are on a diet, your hunger increases. The body wants to protect what it has and tries to hold on to the extra weight, the exact opposite to what you are trying to achieve.

However, there are ways around this.

One of the keys is to eat smarter, not to eat less, and this does not include following a diet. The two most popular ways we hear from people wanting to reset are weight loss shakes or a keto diet, but in reality, the best way to reset is going back to the golden guidelines.

We developed the following checklist to help you RESET, get your weight regain off, avoid unnecessary hunger and get both your mind and body reconnected and in a happy space.


Old Habits

  • Are old habits sneaking back in?
  • Do you know how or why?
  • What strategies can you put in place to help avoid and resolve these unwanted and unhelpful habits?
  • Do these habits result in regret or guilt and effect your emotions?


Eating Behaviour

  • Are you eating on the go?
  • Are you eating mindfully, away from your desk, not in front of the TV or in your car?
  • Are you using a portion plate?
  • Are you planning and preparing your meals?
  • Do you have a shopping list so you stick to your planned meals?


Eating Technique

  • Are you separating your food and fluids?
  • Are you sating slowly, slow enough that you know when you are reaching the point of satisfied?
  • Are you taking small bites and chewing thoroughly?


Eating Pattern

  • Am I eating regular meals or skipping them?
  • Am I eating core meals and planned snacks or grazing?
  • What time is my last snack or meal of the day?
  • Do I favour “slider foods”?
  • How often am I getting take-away foods or convenience meals?
  • Am I eating throughout the night?


Eating Cues and Emotional Regulation

  • Am I listening to my internal cues of PHYSICAL hunger?
  • Is my mental hunger or craving taking control of my choices and habits?
  • Am I emotionally eating?
  • Do I look for food to provide comfort?


Diet Quality

  • What are my portions of protein foods, carbohydrate foods and fats? Are they the right portions?
  • Am I meeting my protein requirements?
  • How would I rate the quality of my carbohydrate and fat intake?
  • Am I adding sugars or sweeteners to my diet?
  • Am I including carbonated drinks?


Food Choices

How and why do I choose what to eat? Is it related to:

  • fullness and satiety
  • energy
  • mental satisfaction
  • pleasure and enjoyment
  • flavour and texture
  • ease and convenience
  • health and nutrition.



  • How much water am I drinking each day?
  • Are my fluid choices contributing to weight gain?



  • Do I take my vitamin supplements regularly?


Health Goals

  • Am I still engaging with my medical team?
  • Am I having regular blood tests?
  • Have I had a bone mineral density scan?


Road Blocks

  • What’s stopping me from reaching my health goals?
  • Do I have appropriate supports in place?

If you are looking for more support with identifying your problem areas or implementing changes, we can help.

It does not matter where you are, you can book a reset session with our team by simply calling (08) 8164 6945.


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