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Whilst holidaying and enjoy some amazing food on the Gold Coast, in Byron Bay and Sydney, Carmel took the time to share her thoughts on how she helps ensure she still follows a good quality diet when travelling.

Following are some of her top tips that you may also find useful:

  • I always bring a good quality water bottle with me. At the supermarket we buy large bottles (or a box depending on how long we’re staying to minimise plastic waste). This ensures I’ve always got water on hand.

  • I always buy fruit. Fruit is an easy, portable, natural snack that doesn’t require refrigeration and is a great source of fibre (which can help your bowel function while you’re travelling!). It is also a great source of carbohydrate. I find that on holidays, I love taking the opportunity to be more active and do more walking. I find fruit very helpful in regulating my sugar levels when I’m being more active.

  • I pack a backpack. This makes it super easy to transport my water and snacks with me so I’ve got everything on hand.

  • On holidays, sometimes indulgences like beautiful desserts can be more enticing.. So hubby and I tend to share one (but it’s also ok to enjoy one to yourself!) and I choose ones that I think are of a great quality.

  • As well as indulgent, I like to be more extravagant and adventurous with trying different food, so I also find that I love awakening my mindfulness; enjoying every bite of what I’m eating. On holidays I try to avoid rushing, so I can really enjoy the pleasure of the food I’m eating.

  • I try and look for accomodation that has a kitchenette, meaning we have the opportunity to do some home cooking or food preparation for either breakfast, lunches and/or dinner. This also helps with the holiday budget.

  • Sometimes the way a meal is described on a menu is very different to how it comes out! I had an experience where I thought I had ordered a very fresh breakfast but most of the food was deep fried! Therefore my tip here is if you’re ever unsure, just ask the waiter/waitress to see how foods are cooked/prepared, if something can be replaced with something else, and if portions can be adjusted.

  • Last but not least, enjoy it!! Enjoy the food, and the company!! Great food makes me feel so good! Food is a passion of mine and it’s great to try different types of cuisines, new items, and add some spark to your culinary delight and experiences!!

    Here are some delicious breakfasts I enjoyed on my trip.

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