Our All Inclusive Online Support Program

  • Are you about to embark on the weight loss surgery journey and need extra guidance and support?
  • Would you like to connect with others who are traveling the same path as you?
  • Are you sitting on the sidelines in the other so called ‘support groups’, wondering how accurate is the advice that is being given? Or left feeling more confused, judged and despondent than ever?
  • Are you confused by all the different pre and post surgery dietary stages, the vitamin supplements you need, the best protein powder you should have (and how you even use it), etc, etc?
  • Are you just not sure what to eat to amplify the results of your surgery?
  • Is the weight loss surgery honeymoon well and truly over and you are left wondering, what now?
  • Are you tired of being told conflicting information when it comes to weight loss surgery and struggle to distinguish between fact and fiction?
  • Do you want access to fast, reliable answers from experienced, qualified professionals who can answer your nutritional questions at a time that’s most convenient for YOU?

If you answered yes to any of the above, our All Inclusive Online Support program is exactly what you are looking for.

You can connect with others on this journey and be supported by us, leading weight loss surgery dietitians, that help hundreds of people each year navigate their way through the weight loss surgery world.

Our All Inclusive Support provides two years of access to both our online support options:

  1. The password protected Learning Centre, packed with easy to follow information, downloads and audio files, covering every phase of the weight loss surgery journey, available on demand, designed so you can source the information you need, when you need it.
  2. The Inner Circle Online Support Group (via Facebook), providing direct access to the Nutrition for Weight Loss Surgery dietitians to ask questions, get direct feedback, be supported and celebrated, seven days a week.

You will also have access to ongoing discounts in our online store, a one stop shop for all your weight loss surgery needs.

Learning Centre

Get trusted, reliable information you need to successfully navigate your weight loss surgery journey. Packed with practical information, easy to follow downloads and audio files, this will save you the countless hours on Google (where you may still end up with completely incorrect information).

Our password protected website is designed so that you can jump in and out, accessing the information you need at the time, or you can work through to get a full understanding of living with weight loss surgery.

Detailed information on every stage of the journey is covered, including the following:

  • realistic expectations of what weight loss surgery can help you achieve including defining success, goal setting and tracking progress
  • amplifying your results after surgery
  • preparing for and recovering from surgery ( the pre surgery, fluid, smooth puree and soft diets)
  • macros: protein, carbs and fat
  • meal patterns and portions
  • combating hunger and maximising satiety
  • kitchen hacks
  • navigating the supermarket with ease
  • takeaways, eating out and travel
  • smashing plateaus and reversing regain
  • troubleshooting and technical info
  • a recipe hub.

Inner Circle Facebook Support Group

Our secret Facebook Group is where you have direct access to us to ask us your questions and get feedback anytime, anywhere. You will also be supported by others on the same journey, who have walked in your shoes.

We encourage you to ask questions any time, no matter how big or small, so that we can all expand out knowledge together.

Please note that a willingness to use Facebook is a must to maximise support from us. The group setting is however ‘secret’, so that your Facebook friends cannot see you are a member or read your interactions. You can also post within the group anonymously.

“I cannot recommend joining this program enough! I think it’s so important to have a support network after weight loss surgery. I joined four months post op and I haven’t bothered joining any other groups. I get all the advice, support, tips and ideas, encouragement and interactions I need from this program! Being a member of this group has helped keep me on track, I’ve learnt a lot about weight loss surgery and related issues and I have the comfort of knowing Sally, Justine and Carmel are only a message away. I can tap into their professional expertise and advice in addition to my team.”


“I really like the support.. 24/7. No matter what time of day we have our questions, its ALWAYS acceptable to ask them. There is always support from the group. It seems most issues that crop up, have been experienced by others before, so we’re not alone…and if it is a weird kind of ‘out of left field’ question, I like having amazing and extremely approachable dietitians just a text away & overseeing it all.”


“I’m a member of a few weight loss surgery groups – all can be quite helpful and supportive. However, I’ve noticed that many people have gone into this surgery without the proper support from professionals. In this group, we get all that is mentioned above, and that’s all so valuable to me, but even more: to have Sally & Justine’s EDUCATED opinions and research-based assistance is just sooooo important, when I see the ‘advice’ that is being flung around in these other Facebook groups. Any question we have is being answered within hours. Honestly, I wouldn’t be without this group!”


How much does All Inclusive Support cost?

Get supported today for only $398.

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