Product Review: Formulite

It is not often we get ‘excited’ about a protein shake, but when Formulite hit the market it really grabbed our attention and has quickly become our ‘product of choice’.

Formulite is not hard to recommend, with its incredible nutritional profile and its focus on natural ingredients setting it apart from other brands.

Formulite comes in five flavours:

  • Coffee
  • Choc Hazelnut
  • Banana
  • Honeycomb
  • Vanilla.

For the purpose of this review, the Choc Hazelnut flavour has been used.

What is in it?
Looking at the ingredients list, a protein blend of whey protein concentrate, isolate and micellar casein is first to feature. This is followed by Fibersol, flavours, cocoa, LSA, probiotics, sunflower oil and then an impressive range of vitamins and minerals.

The addition of LSA and probiotics is fabulous to see (and I am sure your gut will think so too).

Formulite is sweetened with stevia, not sugar or artificial sweeteners.

How does it stack up nutritionally?
What first struck us was the incredible protein level with each 55g serve boasting an impressive near 34g of protein (and only 8.2g of carbohydrate). That is nearly double the protein and less than half the carbs of many competitors. There is less than 1 teaspoon of fat and sugar and a pleasing near 5g of fibre.

What does it taste like?
Now we are not typically big fans of protein shakes, as they have a tendency to taste very artificial, but Formulite was far more ‘natural’ tasting. It also seemed much thinner in consistency than many other brands, which we enjoyed.

Why I love Formulite for the weight loss surgery preparation phase
Using Formulite for the two week surgical preparation phase has given us much more flexibility to allow our clients to include extra food during this often very challenging phase. We could usually only recommend the meal replacement products themselves, a little oil and non-starchy veggies. However, due to the very low carbohydrate content of Formulite, we are able to also include some fruit and crackers making it a lot more enjoyable and easier to stick with.

Our patients have also loved the fact the ingredients are more natural than many other brands.

Why I love Formulite post weight loss surgery
To be able to provide such an amazing hit of protein without all the sugar that traditional shakes have is of huge value after surgery. There is minimal risk of dumping and by simply including one Formulite shake per day, you are meeting over half your minimum protein goal.

If you are keen to try Formulite, grab a Shake Trial Pack, containing all five flavours, in our online store. Or, if you already know what you would prefer, you can grab a 14 serve tub.

We have Formulite ready to ship in our online store.

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