Product Review: Vetta Smart Pasta – High Protein, Low Carb

As many of us do, I love a great pasta meal, but with such a focus on protein after weight loss surgery, does pasta (with its high carbohydrate content) still have a place on the plate?

New to the market is a lower carbohydrate, higher protein option in Vetta’s Smart Pasta range, so I decided to have a closer look.

What’s in it?
Vetta have boosted the protein content of this ‘Smart Pasta’ naturally with the addition of wheat gluten (the protein component of wheat) to durum wheat, they have also added oat bran to boost the fibre content. These two additions also reduce the overall carbohydrate ratio of this pasta – very smart indeed!

How does it stack up nutritionally?
When compared to standard pasta, There is double the protein than standard pasta, meaning for every 100g of dry pasta you get 25g of protein, compared to the 12g you would get in the same serve of standard pasta. In this 100g serve you also get 10g of fibre and 50g of carbohydrate, which is 25% less than the standard variety. But before you get too excited we need to consider the serve size you are actually eating, which I guarantee is not 100g.

The question to ask is, is it worth making the change post weight loss surgery?

With reduced portion capacity after weight loss surgery subtle changes to protein, carbohydrate ratios may not make a significant impact to the overall balance of your diet. Post weight loss surgery you may be able to consume one serve (30g dry or ½ cooked cup) with a meal. However, depending on your surgery type and where you are in your journey, you serve may be much less.

By choosing Vetta high protein, low carbohydrate pasta, in this one half
cup serve you will get:

  • The same amount of calories
  • An extra 4g protein
  • 6g less carbohydrate
  • An extra 2g fibre.

Although these amounts are not enormous, when every mouthful counts it is certainly significant and worth the change! By combining this pasta with some moist, lean protein toppings you will get a more protein and fibre to help meet your daily needs without overdoing the carbs.

Taste and Texture
I recently slipped Vetta high protein, low carbohydrate pasta into our family meal of Spaghetti Bolognese without telling them. My loyal taste testers with very vocal opinions (Lukas 7 and Ollie 5) as well as my wonderful husband made absolutely no comment! My conclusion, the taste is much like any other pasta. I did notice the texture was a little chewier/Al Dente (however these pastas do need to be cooked a little longer than a standard pasta and I may have underdone it) so don’t let that put you off.

What I love about it and what to watch out for post weight loss surgery:
The higher protein and lower carbohydrate content with added fibre – the perfect post- surgery combination.


  • Keep your portion small, chew well and ensure you leave plenty of capacity for a moist, protein containing topping as the pasta itself is not enough protein for a main meal.
  • Pasta will swell in your stomach so eat slowly to be sure you stop in time!


Recipe Idea: Tuna and Pasta Salad
Vetta high protein, low carb pasta
Tuna in spring water
Capsicum, finely diced
Celery, finely diced
Red onion, grated
Fat Free Thousand Island dressing

Combine all ingredients and store in the fridge for a quick easy lunch. If you prefer you can use salsa or Chobani fat free Greek yoghurt with a little tomato sauce as a creamy dressing option.

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