NutriFuel Plus Soluble Multivitamin Powder Tub (150g)


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The NutriFuel Plus Multivitamin Powder is a multivitamin and mineral supplement perfectly suited to your post surgery needs. Appropriate from the fluid phase and beyond, Nutrifuel is a great option for those who do not enjoy chewable multivitamins or do not tolerate tablets or capsules. Being a soluble supplement, Nutrifuel also helps you reach your fluid targets.

NutriFuel is an advanced broad range powdered multivitamin containing 30 active ingredients including ‘B’ group vitamins and a high dose of 700mg of calcium. These are all contained in a ‘daily dose’ scoop which can be mixed with water, juice, diet cordial, added to smoothies etc. It has a pleasant berry flavour.

Each tub contains 30 serves. You will need one scoop per day so each tub is one month supply.

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