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There is no one better qualified to write recipes for you than a specialist weight loss surgery dietitian, nutritionist and true foodie… aka Justine!

Justine’s weight loss surgery friendly Single Serves recipe book is like having a dedicated best friend next to you in the kitchen (who just happens to be a qualified dietitian), guiding your food choices and helping you make quick, easy & tasty meals that include the three keys to long term success post weight loss surgery:
•    Protein
•    Portions
•    Pleasure from food

Fussy eater? Not to worry. Justine has personally trialed each and every recipe on her family of notoriously fussy eaters and all of them have been given the tick of approval! Say goodbye to cooking separate meals for the family – everyone is guaranteed to love these tasty dishes!

One of the main reasons we see people failing to stick to their eating plan is a lack of time to actually cook proper meals. Trust us, we know your pain. That’s why we made sure the majority of these recipes are perfect for you to prepare in advance and pop in the freezer so you always have something ready to go!

Note: In New Zealand, Single Serves can be purchased via BN Multi NZ. If you are located outside of Australia or New Zealand, hard copies of Single Serves can be purchased via Amazon, or eBooks via the Kobo or Apple bookstores. If you work with weight loss surgery patients outside of Australia and would like to order in bulk, please contact us here.