Smash Plateaus and Reverse Regain




Early in the weight loss journey, there is often significant focus on implementing diet and lifestyle change to amplify the results from weight loss surgery. However, over time, it can be easy to slip into habits that work against your surgery, and this is when plateaus and weight regain can occur.

Our Smash Plateaus and Reverse Regain online course will help you identify these habits and provide practical strategies for you to implement to turn your journey around.

The course begins with our seven point Action Plan, to help you identify the old habits that may have slipped in, or ‘loopholes’ you may have found to work against your surgery.

Our Common Culprits lessons will then step you through the necessary steps to take to get your lifestyle back on track, with specific tools and resources to guide you.

Within each lesson there are lots of downloads for you to work through at your own pace and then revisit at any time.

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