Not All Protein Needs Are Equal

No doubt you have seen or heard on lots of opinions on protein needs after weight loss surgery, the types of and amounts of protein you should be having. Over time we have learned that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to protein requirements. We don’t all wear a size 10 shoe, so we don’t all need the same amount of protein.

We like to calculate your protein needs based on your Adjusted Ideal Body Weight (AIBW). We like to refer to the AIBW as a ‘friendly’ goal weight. It is not a weight in your healthy weight range, as let’s face it, for many of us, the healthy weight range is not realistic. If you need the weigh the same as you did at 15 years old to fit in the healthy weight range, then that is not an achievable goal. Don’t get us wrong, the healthy weight range may be achievable for some, but for many, it is not.

Using the AIBW is a great way to estimate your protein needs as it takes into account that much of our fat tissue does not need protein to survive. It therefore helps us estimate a realistic amount of protein that we need.

To make it easy to work out your AIBW and therefore your protein needs, you can simply click here to download our spreadsheet, enter your height and weight and there you go – YOUR personalised protein requirement!

Now please be gentle with this spreadsheet! Only enter your details in the YELLOW boxes. It will then do the rest for you. As it is an Excel spreadsheet, you will need Excel installed on your device.

So how close do you think you are in meeting your protein requirement?

If you need help reaching your target, our Protein Planner may be just what you need.

It will assist you to:

  • calculate your individual protein requirement
  • learn how to meet your requirement through protein rich eating
  • plan protein packed menus
  • understand the protein content of common foods and supplements
  • choose and use protein supplements if and when you need them
  • road test some protein packed recipes.

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Protein Needs and WLS