Protein Powder Doesn’t Give You a Free Pass

Protein powder is an absolutely fabulous way to ‘top up’ your protein intake and help achieve your protein goals, especially during the early post-operative period. But the big mistake I see so often, it people believing the addition of protein powder gives them a ‘free pass’ that overrides every other nutritional aspect of a food and makes it ‘healthy’ or ‘superior’.

Let me explain a little more.

If we take a rich chocolate brownie for example, packed with a good dose of sugar and fat, the addition of a scoop of protein powder doesn’t make this a ‘healthy snack’. The fat and sugar are still there, and so too are the calories, so this nutritional ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ won’t help move you towards your goals.

So often my clients will proudly tell me of a snack they are enjoying everyday that they believe to be beneficial, that is actually not helping at all.

An example I recently came across was a super tasty (and rather indulgent) dip and cracker combination with a good hit of protein powder added to the dip.

Now, adding protein powder to yoghurt based dips in the early post-operative period may be an excellent way to give you a protein top up, but once you have healed and you are able to meet your protein targets with whole foods, it isn’t really necessary.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am all for including regular indulgences, after all, food is one of life’s great pleasures. However, what I don’t like to see is including indulgent foods under the illusion that they are a great choice.

When deciding if a food is in fact a good choice, it is important to consider not only its protein content, but also what else it contains. If it is excessively fatty or sugary, consider it a treat and enjoy it in small quantities.


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