Psychological Support Following Weight Loss Surgery

There is nothing quite like the realisation that weight loss surgery is not brain surgery. Time and time again people are disappointed at the continued mind games they have to battle, day in day out.

Sometimes these mind games masquerade as eating issues – emotional eating, binge eating, sweet cravings, etc. But so often these have little to do with eating, and are more a symptom of the brain battles.

When there is an eating issue, we can certainly be of assistance. But when it is an emotional issue, we are simply out of our depth.

This is why we love the work of Glenn Mackintosh, also known as The Weight Psych.

Glenn has developed some fabulous programs that are a perfect fit for our weight loss surgery clients.

Below we provide details of these specific courses that Glenn offers and links to find out more.


Freedom from Emotional Eating

$99.95 (or 6 weekly payments of $17.99)

This 6 week online program will help you free yourself from emotional eating forever. You will learn to free your mindset AND your waistline, unlock methods to manage emotional eating and discover what you REALLY WANT (and a big hint – it’s not food!).

Click here to find out more about freeing yourself from emotional eating, and be sure to use our code, NFWLS, when you join the course for a 10% discount.

Tapping for Weight Management

$8 weeks $129.95 or 12 weeks $189.95

Have you had weight loss surgery but find you are still struggling to get out of that dieting mindset? Still feel that you are always looking for the perfect diet?

Tapping may seem like a weird idea… but it works! This is a clinically proven program that will help you eliminate food cravings but still be able to eat your favourite foods, lose weight without dieting and eat well without having to think about it.

Click here to find out more and be sure to use our code, NFWLS, when you join the course for a 10% discount.

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