The Problem with Rice Crackers

Rice crackers can appear to be a great snack food and are a regular staple in many kitchen pantries.

That perfect combination of biscuit and salty tang… you can almost taste it right now, can’t you?

What better way to satisfy our cravings than to swap out a packet of crisps with the ‘healthier’ option of rice crackers…. right?

Maybe not…

Whilst they are low in fat and sugar (at around 3.5% of each) with each serve only providing around 100 calories, they are rich in carbohydrate at 85%. Each suggested serve (a quarter of a packet) therefore gives you as much carbohydrate as a slice of bread.

The key problem with rice crackers is that they are very easy to overeat as they chew down very well. In fact, if you were to pop a full packet of rice crackers in the blender, it blends to take up just over a cup of space.

If you do nibble away at the whole packet, it’s the equivalent of eating four slices of bread… something you would be unlikely to do.

The second issue with rice crackers is that they are high glycemic index, or high GI. This means they don’t do much to keep you full and can send your blood sugar levels on a roller coaster ride, leaving you more vulnerable to sugar cravings and overeating later in the day.

What we are trying to convey here is that it is so important to look beyond the fat, sugar and calorie content of the foods you choose to eat – you only have one precious space to fill, so make sure you do it with food that packs a nutritional punch and helps keep you feeling satisfied.

If you love a crunchy savoury snack, look for crackers that are packed with grains like Vitaweat, Wholegrain Salada and Ryvita. Be sure to watch your portion and top with something containing protein.

If you need help reading food labels and cutting the supermarket confusion, check out our Shopping Companion.

Rice Crackers

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