Single Serves

Too often our weight loss surgery clients talk about trying to navigate their way through the enormity of online recipes and the latest on trend recipe books, wondering if they even suit their post surgery needs..

Left feeling confused, they turn back to their trusty, ‘safe’ foods like cheese and crackers, yoghurt, tuna, eggs, mince – the list goes on. They feel trapped in an eating ‘ground hog day’.

Justine knew there had to be a better way, so she combined her love of cooking with her intimate understanding of your needs following weight loss surgery to produce a recipe book just for you.

Her weight loss surgery friendly Single Serves recipe book is really like having her next to you in the kitchen, guiding your food choices and helping you with three of the keys to long term success post weight loss surgery:

  • Protein
  • Portions
  • Pleasure from food.

There is no one better qualified to write recipes for you than a specialist weight loss surgery dietitian, nutritionist and true foodie!

As a bonus, the majority of these ‘Single Serves’ are perfect to freeze, making it easy to be organised and always have a meal on standby, ready to go.

Inside you will find:

At only $15, it is a weight loss surgery must-have and you can grab a copy today in our online store. Alternatively you can grab all six in our series of weight loss surgery books and save $25! Our Book Bundle is valued at $110 and is an absolute bargain at only $85. Click here to shop.

Sweet Potato, Zucchini and Feta Mini Muffins

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