Smash Plateaus and Reverse Regain

Early in the weight loss journey, there is often significant focus on implementing diet and lifestyle change to amplify the results from weight loss surgery. However, over time, it can be easy to slip into habits that work against your surgery, and this is when plateaus and weight regain can occur.

Our Smash Plateaus and Reverse Regain online course will help you identify these habits. It provides practical strategies for you to implement to turn your journey around.

The foundation of the course is our seven point Action Plan. This plan will help you identify the old habits that may have slipped in, or ‘loopholes’ you may have found to work against your surgery. The Action Plan walks you through the key steps to pinpoint areas of concern within your lifestyle and provides practical tools to work through these.

Step One: Use our Lifestyle Tracker to gather lifestyle data.

Step Two: Reflect on your lifestyle data and utilise our Common Culprits Checklist to identify all the areas of potential that you need to focus on to smash your plateau. The Common Culprits Checklist covers four key topics including:

  • Eating Techniques and Patterns, where we deep dive into:
    • portion sizes
    • satiety and overeating
    • speed of eating
    • time spent eating
    • combining food and fluids
    • core meal patterns
    • hunger cues
    • grazing.
  • Food and Fluid Types, where we explore:
    • protein requirements and meeting these
    • protein patterning
    • proportions of carbohydrate and fat in your diet
    • the role of vegetables and salads
    • the impact of slider foods
    • liquid calories and hydration
    • indulgent foods
    • dining out and takeaway foods.
  • Exercise, where we divert you to appropriately trained professionals.
  • Behaviours and Support, where we scratch the surface of the topic, but again, divert you to appropriately trained professionals.

Step Three: We guide you to set goals for the areas you have identified for improvement.

Step Four: You begin to implement changes, then pause and reflect to determine the impact of these.

Step Five: We teach you to track and fine tune using our tutorial on Tracking Your Intake to Maximise Your Results. If required we can utilise our ‘done for you’ four week meal plans.

Step Six: If you are still not seeing the changes you desire, we walk you through our three stage, Reset Low Calorie Program, complete with additional meal plans and recipes.

Step Seven: If necessary, we direct you to further tools and support.

What does it cost to smash my plateau or reverse my regain?

All of this practical information is available to you in our Smash Plateaus and Reverse Regain online course, for only $125.

Seems too good to be true, right?

Don’t delay, click here to get started.

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