Snacks as an Opportunity

Are you struggling with the mid morning munchies, 3pm cravings and after dinner indulging?

Worried this is derailing you?

You may be surprised to hear it isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

Following weight loss surgery there is a belief that snacking is frowned upon and that three meals per day are all you need. However, this isn’t always the case.

When you are only eating small portions, there can be a genuine need to include small snacks between your main meals and this is absolutely fine. You may even find, as you get further down the track on your weight loss surgery journey, your physical hunger increases and there is a need to snack.

This is absolutely fine.

The biggest issue is not if you snack, but what you choose to snack on, and this is what determines whether snacking is a positive or negative for you.

Often following weight loss surgery people try so hard not to snack, then end up giving in to temptation as they go past the biscuit tin in the staff room, the chocolate filled vending machine or the ever enticing service station snacks as they fill up with fuel on the way home.

By planning in some delicious but also nutritious snacks for your danger times where you routinely go off track, you get a double benefit. We push out the rubbish by filling your precious stomach space with the good stuff and we boost your nutrient intake (such as vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein) to help you feel amazing and reach your goals.

If you know that by 3pm most days you are searching for sugar, or after dinner you are hopping from the fridge to the pantry, create a list of nourishing snacks to have on hand to drive you to your goals. We have a whole list of ideas to get you started here.

You can use these snack ideas to create a shopping list of options you enjoy, so that you can be stocked up ready for when the hunger hits.

Replace the foods you don’t feel good about eating by filling up on foods that make you feel great.

Happy snacking!

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Snacks and WLS