The Nutrition for Weight Loss Surgery Meal Plans

We developed our Weight Loss Surgery Meal Plans in response to an overwhelming number of requests for them both in our one on one work with clients and in our online support network.

People would often ask us, “What exactly should I be eating after weight loss surgery?”

It is a simple question, but not such a simple answer!

Whether you have had weight loss surgery or not, there is no one diet that suits everyone. Have you ever gone on a diet with your friend, relative or partner and lost a different amount of weight than they did? That is your body telling you that we are all different. So rather than a one size fits all approach, we have developed a framework to help you learn what is right for you and how to formulate a plan to suit you.

Our Weight Loss Surgery Meal Plans are like a DIY manual, These plans give you ideas and inspiration to help you put together a weekly menu that you will love.

This nutritional balance of our Meal Plans is not high protein, high carbohydrate or high fat. It isn’t Paleo, Atkins, Banting, LCHF, Keto, Weight Watchers or Liver Cleansing. It is basic, simple stuff that serves most people well long term. It is not sexy or extreme like the diets and plans online or in magazines that go in and out of fashion. However, in our work with weight loss surgery clients it is something we have found most people can eat comfortably, long term to help them lose weight and most importantly, maintain that lost weight.

The foods we use in the meal plans are basic everyday foods. You won’t find goji berry and kale smoothies, or expensive, hard to find ingredients.

Following is a sample of just one day from our Meal Plans. This is just a taste of what we have to offer – the complete Meal Plans book provides 28 days of fully flexible inspiration.

Breakfast: Multigrain toast spread with avocado and topped with a poached egg.

Mid Morning: Grapes

Lunch: Vita-Weat crackers topped with cottage cheese, ham and sliced cucumber and/or tomato.

Mid Afternoon: Skinny latte, cappuccino or flat white OR 1 cup milk with 2 teaspoons milo OR low sugar, low fat flavoured milk.

Tea: Chicken tacos. Cook chicken mince, diced onion, kidney beans and salsa. Add to taco and top with shredded lettuce, grated carrot and diced tomato.

Evening Snack: Small bowl air popped popcorn sprinkled with cinnamon plus Milo or milk coffee (½ milk, ½ hot water) using 2 teaspoons Milo or coffee.

*Please note more details on serve sizes for all foods in the meal plan are available in our Meal Plans mini book.

Simple food, simple ingredients nutritionally balanced to meet your post weight loss surgery needs.

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