The Online Learning Centre

  • Are you about to embark on the weight loss surgery journey and need more information?
  • Are you confused by all the different pre and post surgery dietary stages, the vitamin supplements you need, the best protein powder you should have (and how you even use it), etc, etc?
  • Are you just not sure what to eat to amplify the results of your surgery?
  • Is the weight loss surgery honeymoon well and truly over and you are left wondering, what now?
  • Are you tired of being told conflicting information when it comes to weight loss surgery and struggle to distinguish between fact and fiction?

If you answered yes to any of the above, our Online Learning Centre is for you.

What will I find in the Learning Centre?

Our Learning Centre is packed with video trainings and easy to follow downloads which will save you the countless hours on Google (where you may still end up with completely incorrect information). It is where you can access the trusted, reliable information you need to successfully navigate your weight loss surgery journey.

Our password protected website is designed so that you can jump in and out, accessing the information you need at the time, or you can work through to get a full understanding of living with weight loss surgery.

Detailed information on every stage of the journey is covered, including the following:

  • Preparing for surgery
  • Recovering from surgery ( the fluid, smooth puree and soft diets)
  • Realistic expectations including defining success, goal setting and tracking progress
  • Protein
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements
  • Hydration
  • Fibre
  • What to eat, including our Weight Loss Surgery Meal Plans
  • How to eat including eating technique, eating rules of engagement and post surgery portions
  • How to choose food products with our Weight Loss Surgery Shopping Companion
  • Getting Back On Track including weight regain, our back on track checklist and tracking your intake to maximise your success
  • Troubleshooting, including regurgitation, reflux, hair loss, dumping syndrome and reactive hypoglycemia, bowel changes, food tolerance and more
  • Pregnancy after weight loss surgery
  • Weight loss surgery specific recipes.

You will also have access to our Getting Started with Weight Loss Surgery and Back on the Weight Loss Surgery Track courses which pull out together targeted information on the specific parts of the journey.

How much does the Learning Centre cost?

Get access to the information you need today for only $120.

Click here to get access now.

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