Vegetable Boosting Handy Hints

Yes protein is the priority after weight loss surgery, but don’t forget this needs to be balanced with vegetables too!

Following are our Top Five Tips along with some handy hints to boost your veggie intake.

Tip One
Add vegetables to protein dishes so that each mouthful provides both:

  • load vegetable fritters with grated vegetables, cheese and egg
  • add extra vegetables into meat based sauces, casseroles, stews and curries
  • add extra diced or grated veg to Zucchini Slice or Frittata.

Tip Two
Add vegetables to your breakfast:

  • top a slice of grainy toast with cottage cheese and tomato
  • use a mushroom in place of toast for a poached egg
  • grate vegetables into egg muffins for a perfect ‘make ahead’ breakfast option
  • add vegetables into your smoothies and balance with fruit if you like to keep things sweet.

Tip Three
Snack on vegetables, for example:

  • carrot, capsicum and cucumber with a mini pot of tzatziki or hommus
  • cherry tomatoes with bocconcini and basil
  • cucumber rounds topped with cottage cheese, flavoured tuna or smoked salmon and cream cheese
  • grainy cracker topped with feta, tomato and cucumber
  • celery filled with nut butter or cream cheese.

Tip Four
Alternate your bites. For every two to three bites of protein, add a bite of vegetables or salad.

Tip Five
Order a side of vegetables or salad when you eat out. For example:

  • if ordering pizza or pasta, order a salad too
  • if sharing a main dish, share a side of vegetables or salad as well.


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Vegetable Boosting Handy Hints