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Our Favourite Ways to Use Protein Powder

July 05, 20232 min read

Do you feel like you are constantly hearing about protein powder after weight loss surgery?

Do you have a pack of it sitting in the cupboard right now? Maybe it hasn’t even been opened …

Whilst a good quality, unflavoured protein powder is an essential item after weight loss surgery, we find most of our clients run out of ideas on how to use it without it getting boring.

That’s why have put together a list of our favourite ways to use protein powder:

  • Add protein powder to your favourite smoothie for protein packed smoothies

  • Freeze protein packed smoothies in ice block moulds for frozen protein pops

  • Blend protein powder with frozen fruit and Greek yoghurt (add a little honey if you like) to make protein packed soft serve

  • Add protein powder into your overnight oats or bircher muesli

  • Load protein powder into your favourite protein ball recipe

  • Dissolve in your milk and use over your cereal or muesli

  • Dissolve in milk and pour over ice and espresso coffee

  • Stir into plain Greek yogurt for a protein packed sour cream alternative

  • Dissolve in a little lemon juice and add to mashed avocado to spread on crackers, sandwiches or wraps

  • Mix into a little water (like cornflour) and add into casseroles, stews or curries just before serving

  • Add to mashed vegetables with a little milk and grated cheese for protein packed mash

Whilst whey protein isolate is the easiest form of protein supplement for your body to absorb after weight loss surgery, we know that it can be tricky to use. You may find that the powder mixes best into milk by dissolving in a little water first. Always mix powder into liquid NOT liquid into powder to make mixing easier.

If you find you just can’t get WPI powders to work for you, we do find that collagen powders are well tolerated and ‘user friendly’.

When selecting protein powders, look for those with at least 85g of protein per 100g. We always stock some of our favourite protein powders that meet this criteria in our online store, making your choice easy.

Understanding exactly how much protein YOUR body needs and where to get that protein is another important part of your long term success.

We deep dive into this and so much more in our signature online support program, Elevate.

We provide a 'behind the scenes' look into Elevate and the support we offer in our FREE online workshop, ‘Three Super Simple Steps to Safeguard Your Weight Loss Surgery Success’.

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