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How to Select Wraps

July 11, 20232 min read

A well selected wrap or flat bread is a versatile addition to your shopping list.

It can make a simple base for your lunch when filled with lean protein and salad, toasted with your favourite filling or topped to make a quick ‘cheats pizza’. You can even toast wraps in your oven and serve as an alternative to crackers or corn chips with high protein dips.

Care must be taken when choosing wraps or flat bread as some options contain as much carbohydrate as three or more slices of bread. It is therefore worth becoming familiar with the following selection criteria before your next shop.

When choosing a wrap or flat bread, take a look at the nutrition information panel and try to select a wrap that fits the following criteria:

  • Carbohydrate: less than 20g total carbohydrate per wrap

  • Protein: greater than 3g per wrap

  • Total fat: less than 5g per wrap

  • Fibre: greater than 3g per wrap

  • Sodium: less than 400mg per wrap

Examples of wraps in Australian supermarkets that fit these criteria are as follows:

  • Abbotts Village Bakery Sandwich Thins, Mixed Seeds and Grains

  • MEB Fresh White Wraps

  • Simson’s Pantry High Protein Low Carb Wraps

  • Simson’s Pantry Lite Low Carb Super Grains Wraps

  • Simson’s Pantry Low Carb Keto Friendly Wraps

  • Tip Top Sandwich Thins, Wholemeal

This is not an exhaustive list, so check your favourite against the criteria we have listed above and see if it fits.

The above criteria is taken from our Weight Loss Surgery Shopping Companion. This comprehensive guide steps you through over 30 food categories and explains EXACTLY what to look for on the nutrition information panel in each category. And if you don’t have time to read the food labels, we list our TOP PICKS in each of the categories, highlighting over 180 specific products.

You can get a copy in our Book Bundle, which also includes our Protein Planner, Meal Plans and our Single Serves, Fifty in a Flash and One Meal, Many Ways recipe books for only $85 ($110 value)! Find out all about it here.

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